pvc panel design

pvc panel design

We are providing Interior PVC Panels. Great Wall PVC Panels can be used to create some interior concepts for partitions and ceilings.

We are offering PVC Wall Panel to our Customer.

Technical Specification:-  

pvc panel design
pvc panel design


Pattern Plain lining
Size Running feet
Safety Corrosion Safety
cost aforadable

Product Attribute:-

Product pvc pane wall, ceiling
Location Type Commercial
Material Procurement Customer End
Area Telengana-Hyderabad

pvc panel design


We are providing Best PVC Wall Panels to our consumer.


  • Amazing Decor
  • Waterproof Termite proof
  • Interlocking system, simple set up
  • Long life, no warping or cracking
  • Heat Insulation, gentle in weight
  • Affordable economical

Many Options Available:- PVC wall and ceiling panels are available in many colors, patterns and textures. These panels are also available in 3D sheets, which give an elegant look to the wall.

PVC sheets can be found in small sizes (where joint strains are seen throughout the set up) and huge sizes, which give a seamless look to the general design of the wall.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE:-Modern PVC wall panel designs for bedroom are light weight, strong and long lasting. They are made from factory manufactured materials.

PVC wall panels are simple to hold, handle and install on site and while doing so they do not create a dusty environment.

WATER-PROOF:- PVC wall and ceiling panels are made of waterproof supplies.

LOW MAINTENANCE:-PVC panels are easy to wash and maintain. Routine cleaning is simply wiping down surfaces with a damp material.


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